Hair Today...Gone Tomorrow!  LbNA # 22757

Placed DateJun 4 2006
LocationHouston, TX
Planted Byrunsforchocolate    
Found By Snow Cat
Last Found Mar 9 2008
Hike Distance?

A true sign that you have "arrived" as a male triathlete is that you shave your legs. This isn't for vanity reasons although many triathletes DO have nice looking legs...instead, it helps make you more hydrodynamic in the water and if you ever crash on your bicycle, it is easier to clean the wounds and road rash without the hair getting in the way. With this being said, it still was hard to stomach walking in on my husband in the bathroom the first time he decided to shave his legs. The first question out of my mouth was " that isn't MY razor, is it?" It took him nearly an hour to achieve silky smooth skin and about the same amount of time to clean out the tub!

Directions: Trivantage is a store that caters to triathletes and their sport, although I don't think they sell razors! It is located on Richmond, just west of Weslayan, behind the Hollywood Deli. Park in the parking lot on the west side of Hollywood Deli.


From the parking lot, head North towards the wood fence. You are looking for a large "Tri" trunked tree. There is a section of fence that is painted grey. Find the first non grey 2x4 to the right of the grey section and count 17 2x4s to the right. At the base of the 17th 2x4 is a large white cement chunk, next to a railroad tie. Hair today...Gone Tomorrow is residing under the cement chunk in a camo microbox.

Please let me know how the letterbox is doing!