Homage  LbNA # 2252

OwnerPink Panther    
Placed DateAug 18 2002
Location???, PA
Found By ???
Last Found Aug 11 2007
Hike Distance?

LOCATION: Mystery SouthEast PA

Start here: (IX-1-13)(X-2-18)(XI-3-11)(XII-4-9)
Travel at about the same heading as the last two headings of CCCC added together until you reach macadam. Which way? While Beldin may have two choices, you have but one. Take it, and continue a short distance until you must either follow the macadam at 320 degrees or take the dirt road at 110 degrees. Turn the same way that Jeremiah Fox does after crossing a bridge so he can pass the horse doctor. Now bike, hike, run or ride a distance about double the number of feet from the Memorial Arch to a pointer, disregarding any intersecting trails, until you see: on your left-gray ruins; on your right-an object similar to the one where Kevin and Dee were standing right before they went to carve their initials on a tree. Go hamabi paces past this object, then proceed at heading hogei degrees until you reach the top of the hill. Look carefully left, about 32 paces before the red diamond, for the old, hidden stone steps. Left side of steps, under rocks.