Old Almena Town Hall  LbNA # 22348

Placed DateMay 22 2006
CountyVan Buren
LocationPaw Paw, MI
Found By codysix
Last Found Sep 4 2013
Hike Distance?

New logbook and fresh baggies today, April 4, 2015. Replaced 10/20/2010 due to Vandalism. Please rehide well with sticks and leaves... East of Paw Paw on Red Arrow Highway there is a traffic signal at the intersection of CR375. There is a dentist office on the Northeast corner. From the signal, head North approx. 4.5 miles to Almena. Reduced speed, a little store, a cemetery, then Almena Township Hall, 27725 CR 375.
Jonas Barber became the first settler in Almena when he built a cabin and a sawmill in 1835. Almena was officially established in 1842, named after an Indian Princess. The old town hall was restored by the Almena Historical Society with funds raised by sponsoring an annual Old Fashion Day.
Easy walk, grassy path, 20-30 minutes walking.
Just beyond the Picnic Pavilion is a sign marking the Walking Trail offering a choice, "One Way Or Another", choose the tree hugging liberal path, not the mighty righty conservative. Eventually you come to another sign. No choice in the matter here. Follow the trail south. Lots of birds and butterflies to see, a body of water ahead on the right. Keep following the trail as it curves around, sort of headed West. Nice view of the water on the left. On the right, one lone tree. "A Fool on The Hill", then a pack of Camels. Stay on the trail. Ahead a place to rest and observe. Also a group of trees playing "A Farmer In The Dell". The box is behind the Farmer. After stamping, continue on the path until you come to the clearing and see your car.