Pitt Panther Falls  LbNA # 22035

Placed DateMay 6 2006
LocationBuena Vista, VA
Planted Bykatz    
Found By Mac & Cheeser
Last Found Oct 29 2006
Hike Distance?

Driving Directions:

Take Route 60 East through Buena Vista and head into the mountains. Pass the entrance to Blue Ridge Parkway on left and immediately turn right onto Panther Falls Road. Pass fork at Greystone. Drive quite a ways. Pass unmarked road on left. At the very first parking area/pullover, on left, park your car by the park service kiosk.

Walking Directions:

Follow trail from parking area to the creek. At creek, follow trail to the right. Go about 0.25 mile.

When you start to hear the falls, there will be a large amount of debris across the trail. Take makeshift trail up the hillside to pass the downed trees and debris.

You will come out at Panther Falls, a lovely double fall with a pool in between. There are 2 large rock outcroppings here.

Continue down the trail to the next large rock outcropping, by the rapids. From here you can look a short distance upstream and appreciate the falls. Standing on this enormous rock with your back to the creek, look for the evergreen tree with 4 large knotholes in a straight line. Climb up to the base of this tree. Look ahead 6 paces to the downed tree. Where tree meets ground, covered in bark, you will find what you seek.

When you replace the box, please cover it with bark and leaves, as you found it. Also, since we have placed this box far from our home, please be kind and take care of any needs it may have? Thank you!