Fountain Series #4 - Where Am I?  LbNA # 21979

Placed DateMay 6 2006
LocationKansas City, MO
Planted ByCraw&Joey    
Found By B4 Finders
Last Found Aug 17 2010
Hike Distance?

Where am I?

I was erected in 1983.

I have two names, one of which is due to my location, the other is because I was built using both private and public funds, from a $30,000 corporate donation to a 3-cent contribution by a little girl.

They leave me on year-round and I make some pretty cool ice sculptures in the winter.

I'm located in a park that has a memorial with the names of Kansas Citians who have died defending our country.

If you sit on one of my benches, you can see people zipping by on the Interstate, I wonder if they are on their way to St. Joe?

Once you figure out where I am, you can park in the parking lot which is east of my location, come visit me, as you walk up the path, you will walk by the memorial I mentioned. To the right of it and off the path is a not so attactive green metal electrical box. The box is on legs and magnatized to the underside (the right front as you walk up to it) is a letterbox. Hope to see you soon.

(If you can't figure out where I am from the clues, go to that should help you out)