Potato Chips  LbNA # 21872

Placed DateMay 2 2006
LocationRichmond, VA
Found By sunshin3
Last Found Oct 15 2010
Hike Distance?

“ Cats are like potato chips.... you can’t have just one.” This series of letterboxes is in celebration of my sweetheart, the Catwoman’s birthday. May 2, 1964.
The Catwoman has ten cats of which many were rescued and given a loving home. They each have their own personality that make them dear to her heart.
Ten letterboxes have been placed. The clues for ten boxes are listed below. A mystery box can be found by collecting clues from the ten boxes and solving the location of the mystery box.
Good Luck, and wish my sweetheart a Happy Birthday!

The ten boxes can be found at Dunncroft/Castle Point Park. This park is a popular Frisbee Golf site and is frequented by the surrounding neighbors. Please be discreet when searching for these boxes.

Where would I go ....

Box 1 (Buzz): Park in the parking lot and walk to the back of the green building. Standing under the shelter, head west past the corkscrew thing and into the woods. Look for two fallen trees that form a “x”.

Box 2 (Casey): Go back to the front of the green building. Follow the small gravel trail. Find the Willow Oak. Facing the sign, look behind you at 160 degrees. Find the slightly leaning tree and you will find the box.

Box 3 (Boy): Continue down the path. On your right, you will see some small fallen trees. When you get to the Holly, follow the gravel path to the left. Walk through the soccer field towards the black fence. Head for the gate. From the gate, walk southeast counting 16 poles and stop with your back to the pole. Take 15 paces towards the soccer field. Head towards the woods. Look for the pile of wood and box number 3.

Box 4 (Abbey): Follow the tree line. The soccer field should be on your right. Take a left into the woods after you pass the two wood platforms. Find the gravel trail. Head east. Find the tree on your left that separates into three trunks. Face it and then look directly behind you. If you find the white splattered tree with the green moss growing, you will have reached box number 4.

Box 5 (Joey): Continue down the path past the White Oak. Walk into the woods on your left towards the bridge. Cross the bridge and continue down the dirt trail. A small stream will be on your right. Across the stream, you will see the Pignut Hickory. Use the stones to cross the stream and look for tree stumps with the mushroom looking things. You have arrived.

Box 6 (Baby): Facing the Pignut Hickory, continue down the trail to your left. Find the Northern Red Oak. Head into the woods. Box number 6 is in the hollow of a curvy tree.

Box 7 (Madison): Continue down the trail to the left again. Find a “Y” shaped fallen tree on your left. The box is where the tree is broken.

Box 8 (Bean): Continue uphill. When you reach a clearing with a green leaf patch, take a left onto the golf frisbee golf path towards the stream. Follow the stream to the left. Look for the tree by the stream with the roots showing. The box is in a hole in the ground in front of the roots. After finding the box, return to the gravel path.

Box 9 (Bunky): Continue down the trail. The trail will snake around. Cross the bridge. Box 9 is behind the stump on the right just past the bridge.

Box 10 (Jeremy): Continue down the gravel trail and take a left at the asphalt path. At the storm drain you will find a up rooted hurricane fallen tree. There you will find number 10.

(The mystery box has been lost and will be replaced soon.)

If you found all ten boxes and collected clues from each box, you may want to rescue one more of them. The mystery box is at another location within a 20 mile radius of Dunncroft/Castle Point Park. If you discover the correct location, you may hear crowds cheering or trucks/buses going by. You will be at a red brick building with many green roofs and initials on the wall. Find the four column black sign with the green roof. The mystery box is inside a column. Be very discreet at this location. You should get the letterbox, take it to your car to do your stamping and return it to it’s hiding place without being noticed.

Let the Catwoman know if you enjoyed her boxes and if you have the kind heart that she has for animals.