Lynx  LbNA # 21801

Placed DateApr 29 2006
CountyLa Plata
LocationDurango, CO
Planted ByCatamount Carvers    
Found By Stepping By Faith
Last Found Jul 21 2014
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The Catamount Carvers salute the return of their small cousin, the Canadian lynx (Lynx canadensis).

Likely due to habitat destruction and overzealous trapping and poisoning, the lynx had disappeared from Colorado by the 1970ís. In February of 1999, the Colorado Division of Wildlife released their first set of lynx into the San Juan Mountains, as part of a controversial three stage plan to reintroduce this secretive cat to the southern edge of its historic habitat.

As of April 2006, a total of 204 Canadian and Alaskan born lynx have been reintroduced into the San Juan Mountains. One hundred and five known kittens have been born in the wild since the spring of 2003. The strong natural reproduction rate over the past few years leaves room for optimism that the reintroduction program may end with success.

Our own y-nought has spied one of these magnificent creatures at the Animas Overlook, so keep your eyes open!

The clues:

Go to the Animas Overlook trail by following the directions for Jack-in-the-Green or the Animas Overlook letterboxes. Go down the asphalt path until you come to the "Durango - Past and Present" sign. The Lynx is hiding between the posts of this sign under the timber and behind a flat rock.

Bring your own pen and ink pad.
We recommend gold ink for this image.

Hand-carved stamp.
Hand-made journal.

Please rehide carefully and cover completely, so that our endangered little cousin doesnít disappear.