Batona Trail Surprise  LbNA # 2178

Placed DateFeb 11 2002
LocationBatsto, NJ
Found By MikeMD3
Last Found Jun 22 2016
Hike Distance?
Last EditedFeb 1 2020

Originally planted by T&E in 2002. *Clue Updated - Sept. 2013*

*Aug 2018 - Box may be missing - I checked on it in a hurry without my notes. Everything starts to look the same back there, even for me -lol I'll have to check again sometime*

*Jan 2020 - Received a report the box may not be there. I have not been back again since late 2018 to check. Hopefully sometime soon*


Batona trail hiking along the sand trails of Wharton State Forest. About 1 - 1 1/2 mile round trip. Bring that compass.

-Begin at the back of the parking lot at the Batsto Visitor's Center parking area.

-Go in a northerly direction along the trail with the white/blue marker.

-At the junction, follow the pink trail 120 degrees.

-Cross the paved road and shortly thereafter enter through a row of small pines. You will walk over a few downed and/or crushed logs. Nothing too big.

-Continue on a slight downgrade and after a 'small' semi-clearing enter into another mass of small pines stepping over small worn logs on the path.

-Continue a bit more until you come to a Large downed pine tree blocking the path. Go to the second downed tree right after the first - next to a standing tree with a pink trail blaze.

-From this tree go 28 steps at 190 degrees to the 7th tree in line. The large one, after the smaller one.

-Now go 24 steps at 250 degrees to the double tree (1/2 live tree & 1/2 dead tall stump).

-The box is covered between the base of the double tree.
Off-trail walking involved. Carefully replace contents and re-hide well. Visit Batsto Village after the hunt.