Merrill Creek  LbNA # 2166

Placed DateJul 1 2002
LocationWashington, NJ
Planted Bysee joy    
Found By Lightnin Bug
Last Found Aug 30 2008
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Merrill Creek
Warren County
Washington, NJ
Planted July 1st 2001

Directions: RT. 57 to Montana Road, after 2 miles, bear left at "Y" intersection, .3 miles make left on Merrill Creek Rd., then turn right towards Visitors Center. Pets are welcome on a leash.

Terrain and Type: Easy
Time: If you hurry, about an hour, but take your time to explore...
Look for: Bald Eagles! A nesting pair call it home.


Twin pines mark the trail head colored Black then Blue
Along to the waters expanse, pause, to reflect...
Up the hill into the past, these fields reborn to wood
"Y" ask?, Black and Blue...
Deeper in the young woods walk 'round
The path that lead to doors front and back
"Earl", not G.W. slept here, stones tumble down...
Then to the corner that remains straight and true
Catching the Sun where water sprang
To quench the thirst of folks and stock
Can you hear the sheep bleat and the horses stamp?
Breakfast is served by strong hands and hearts
That built this barn with rock and wood
Over the rail, through the door
Into the place where they once stood
Can you hear?
"Now!", over the wall as the veil thins...
To the monolith!
Soft trails lead to and to , fro and fro...
One to the trough where animals would go
Who and how many came to this place to replenish or refresh?
Your turn, those treasure bound!
Careful to the rear and ground...

Past the Bank Barn where wagons rolled in full
Hay and grain for winters long days
Stored with Tenant help
"Yellow" the leaves turned in fall
The Shafer's lived here too...
Stone is all that lasts, and even that wears in time
"Red" the Sun sets on this tale...
A wall through time past and present
Two not one
See! a tree has grown where walls stood solid
Holy! Holy! Holy!
Again a break, and pines straight
To the open sky, right or left?
You decide.

Floating Feather