In Celebration  LbNA # 21541

Placed DateApr 19 2006
CountyOther International
LocationBerlin, INT
Found By Hey Man Team
Last Found Sep 8 2010
Hike Distance?

Over 15 years ago, in Istanbul, Turkey, Akif and Marisa met. They taught classes together, spent countless hours on outdoor adventures, and fell in love. Marisa had to return to the states to finish college, however, and over the years, they lost contact and went their separate ways.

15 years later, a string of odd circumstances led to Akif and Marisa finding each other again. In April of 2006, they met in Berlin, Germany, and there they became engaged to be married. "In Celebration" was placed in honor of their engagement and Akif and Marisa hope you'll join them for a toast in celebration.

The box is in the Rudow section of Berlin and is easily accessed from the underground. It shouldn't take more than 15-20 minutes to find. Take the underground to or start at the U-Bhf Britz-Süd station on Fritz-Erler-Allee Strasse. Standing in front of the station, with your back to the doors, look across Fritz-Erler-Allee Srasse for the entrance to a park path. There is also a park path running beside the station. Be careful not to take this one. To be on the right path, you must cross the street.

Follow the path past a green fenced tennis court and take the first path you come to on the right (it's a sharp right). Follow to the first path on the left which will take you down 15 steps, staggered in five sets of three steps each. Continue following the path as it curves to the right. You will come to a crossing. If you look to your left you'll see a red building and steps. Continue straight ahead, staying on the path you are on. Almost directly after the crossing, you will come to a Y. Take a left. Soon, on your right, through the trees you will see a blue and white building. Right after this, on your left, you will see a faint, small side path. Take this path. Go 20 steps and stop when you come to a wire fence and gulley in front of you (and a grassy sports field just beyond). To your left you will see a small double trunked tree with a large rock behind it (the only rock I could find in all of Berlin!) Your treasure lies under the rock. Please rehide carefully!

The box contains a log, a hand carved stamp, and a pen. There is also a surprise or two for the first few finders... After all, this is a celebration. Enjoy!