A Night At Double Lake **MISSING**  LbNA # 21483 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateApr 16 2006
CountySan Jacinto
LocationColdspring, TX, TX
Planted ByWill'sWorld    
Found By Baby Bear
Last Found Oct 8 2006
Hike Distance?

Come spend a night at Double Lake and make it a letterboxing weekend. Nestled in the heart of the Sam Houston National Forest near the town of Coldspring, Double Lake offers a little of everything including camping, fishing, and picnicking. The lake covers an area of 28 acres. Take the time to walk the 1 ½ mile trail around this beautiful lake. There is also an 8 mile mountain bike trail in the park. This is the fourth letterbox placed at Double Lake. The surrounding area currently has 10 letterboxes located within 15 miles of Double Lake in San Jacinto and neighboring Polk Counties. If you can come during the week, you may have the park to yourself, but it can get busy on weekends.

This letterbox is located at Double Lake Recreation Area in the Sam Houston National Forest near the town of Coldspring. From Houston, take Highway 59 to Cleveland. Take the Coldspring exit to County Road 2025 and go north about 16 miles and look for the park entrance on your right. Go to the entry booth and pay the $5.00 day use fee.

Proceed from the entry booth, bearing right at the intersection, until you reach the parking area. Head away the swimming area, designated by the yellow buoys. Take the lakeshore trail to your left keeping the lake on your right. At this point, you will see a small boat ramp, stay on the lakeshore trail and watch out for signs that describe the flora and fauna that can be found in the park. Count the signs until you get to four (the order of signs are: Sweetgum, Water Snakes, Yaupon, and Sweetgum again). Stop at the fourth sign, (the second Sweetgum). Turn around and backtrack along the trail for 20 steps until you find a well defined social path on your right. A Night At Double Lake letterbox is located between a stump and a large sweetgum tree just off the path to your left. If you are lucky, you can follow the path to a small campsite were you will find a table to sit while you stamp.

Note: If you are coming from the other direction on the trail after finding letterboxes from Lone Start Quilter, Boots Tex and Princess Aurora, go to the Wetland Bench and count three signs (Food Chain, Yaupon, and stop at Sweetgum).

Please be discreet and replace the box as found. Please recover well as the location is close to a used trail. I would appreciate notification when you find the box.

Be sure to look for Lone Star Quilter's The Flying Geese, Boots Tex's Double Lake, and Princess Aurora's Rainbow Butterfly Letterboxes while you're in this park.