Possum Letterbox  LbNA # 21433 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateApr 15 2006
LocationAnacortes, WA
Planted ByMerry Wanderers    
Found By Mike and Elaine
Last Found Apr 29 2006
Hike Distance?

Rosario Beach is a long stretch of beach, this is a different location then the other Rosario Beach box

Driving Directions:
Take Exit 230, the Burlington/ Anacortes Exit, off of I-5.
Take Hwy 20 West ( Anacortes- Ferry)
Go about 11.5 miles and take a left at the Hwy 20 West sign (Oak Harbor Port Townsend Ferry)
*not the Hwy 20 Spur to Anacortes*
Follow that for about a half mile and take a right on to Rosario Rd.
Take that for about a mile and take a Left to the Rosario Beach Area.
There is a fork in the road after that, stay Left.
There is a $5 parking fee but there are about five parking spots before the main gate that are no charge, that's where we usually park.

Take the main trail at the SW end of the parking lot.
Continue to Ko-kwal-alwoot, at her base there is a fork in the trail, stay left.
Follow the trail all the way to the end of the point where there are no trees.
Find the big rock and from that rock turn away from the ocean to spy a path through the bushes.
Go down that path 37 paces (1pace= 2steps).
Look to your left, what you see should be a small cliff between two small tress with little under brush. At the base of the small cliff, under some pine needles is the possum!
Please re-hide well and I hope you had fun!

There are two sides of the beach to explore, that is why I called this kid friendly but the end of the point is a cliff so keep a close eye on your children if they are little.