Pearidise  LbNA # 21429

Placed DateApr 2 2006
CountyBritish Columbia, CAN
LocationVictoria, BRC
Planted ByTeamNorthwestPassage    
Found By The Lovebirds
Last Found Apr 29 2009
Hike Distance?



This box is located at Roche Cove Park, which is on the outskirts of Sooke. A map and directions to the park can be found here (in PDF format). This is approximately a two-hour walk (round-trip).

It is important that you print out this "Feature Hike" page, as well as these clues because the "Feature Hike" info will help you to navigate the trail. (If, for some reason, you can't print out these clues, you can still navigate the trail without this info, but we had this sheet with us and found it useful to navigate the first leg of the trek.)

Park in the Roche Cove parking lot, and take the marked "Cedar Grove" trail. Follow the "Feature Hike" directions as mentioned above, until you come out of the "Cedar Grove" hike and find yourself on the Galloping Goose Trail. (For those who don't know, the Galloping Goose trail is a meticulously maintained large gravel path, and is distinctly different than the Cedar Grove trail, which is in dense forest). Our clues begin once you've taken the "Cedar Grove" trail from start to finish and you've reached the Galloping Goose trail.


Once you hit the Galloping Goose Trail, head right.

Keep your eyes open for the first marked trail on your left. (If you reach a "cooperative lion" to your right, you've gone too far).

From this new trailhead, take 85 paces down the trail and stop.

You should now be at another sign-post marker.

From this sign-post, head left--off the trail--towards a large group of moss-covered rocks for 20 paces.

Amidst this rock group, at waist height, lies what you seek. It may be helpful to concentrate your efforts behind a certain spindly and mossy tree. Squatting might help too! Good luck..!

Once you've found the box, if you go back up to the Galloping Goose Trail and continue along your previous course, the trail will loop quickly back to the parking lot.