Cheesequake SP  LbNA # 2141 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateMay 1 2003
LocationOld Bridge, NJ
Found By Rick_in_Boca
Last Found Jun 17 2007
Hike Distance?

Originally planted by: Martian Maggot

Cheesequake State Park

Cheesequake State Park lies in the transitional zone between New Jersey's northern and southern vegetation types. No where else in the world will you find the ecosystems created by the merging of the southern pine barrens and the northern hardwood forest. The name itself is derived from a Lenni-Lenape word, thought to mean "upland people". Native American artifacts are still being discovered throughout the park today.

How to get there: The simplest way for non-locals will be exit 120 off the Garden State Parkway, and follow the brown park signs.

The Crabbing Bridge
Hidden 03-25-00

Follow the signs to the Hook Creek Lake parking lot. The hunt begins at the crabbing bridge. Cross the crabbing bridge, noting your first habitat encountered - the saltwater marsh. You can visit the bird blind off to your right, and see some fine examples of the local waterfowl. After the bridge, at your first intersection, take the trail that heads at 295 degrees. Continue on until you reach a junction where you have a choice to make. Continue on at 160. As you progress slowly into a hardwood forest, two marked trails will cross your path. Take the only trail without a frame. You'll stay on this trail, until you descend into a cedar swamp. Notice the notorious pine barrens brown water! Now, continue on until you come face to face with a sign. When you see it, make a right. Before you run into a blue-green fence, take an unmarked trail to the right. Follow this trail, and head where the two dead birch trees point. Now, you'll notice a rotting tree that used to jut into the air or your left. Nine paces at 130 degrees past is your prize, hidden behind a tree. Beware of the vines!

Pink Lady's Slipper box

Hidden 07-04-02

In May, you can see Pink Lady's Slippers in bloom throughout Cheesequake Park. It is one of the most accessible viewing areas in the state. In July, along the same trail, you will find blueberries ripe for the picking as well!
Where else would you begin a search for the Pink Lady's Slipper box than on the Lady's Slipper trail. While on this trail, you will learn many things, but two more important than the others. One, you will learn what can be hazardous along the trail. And two, you will learn where the starting point is for the other Cheesequake letterbox. In the middle of these two revelations, turn uphill. You will see a lone tree. Head uphill, above that tree. You are looking to line up that same tree with a double tree that was downhill of the trail. When you do, you will see a dead tree, still firmly implanted in the ground, that looks like it was growing along the ground. The box is here, under the bottom of the tree.