La Vie Aquatique #4: The Orange Alligator  LbNA # 21405

Placed DateApr 13 2006
LocationChapel Hill, NC
Planted ByWishfish    
Found By Trepid Explorer
Last Found Jan 18 2014
Hike Distance?

Alive and well as of 9/9/06.

This letterbox is hidden in Umstead Park, which is located on Umstead Drive. Find directions at

Enter the park from the parking lot. You will pass a picnic shelter on your right, the playground on your left, and a second picnic shelter on your left.

After passing the second picnic shelter, you'll see a bridge on your left that crosses the creek. Cross the bridge and turn left to follow the gravely path that runs parallel to the creek.

Pass a gravel trail (almost wide enough to be a road) that goes off to the right.

Just past this point, a smaller, less obvious side trail branches off. Look for a tall, dead tree with 2 spikes at the top; the small trail begins just before it.

Follow this small trail uphill. Some fallen branches and logs obstruct the path; continue over/around these until you see on your left a circular cement structure filled with trash and leaves.

From this cement circle, continue in the direction you were headed for about 17 steps.

You will find the letterbox hidden in the roots of the tall tree in front of you.

Please be discreet when stamping in and re-hide the letterbox carefully when you're done!