Rock by the River  LbNA # 21371 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateApr 13 2006
LocationGalax, VA
Found By Scout
Last Found Jun 30 2007
Hike Distance?

New River Trail


There are 2 boxes placed near Galax on the New River Trail.

Box #1: The New River Trail "Galax" letterbox.
This box is located about milepost 48.5. You can enter from the Cliffview Ranger Station area and it is about a mile. It is also across the creek from an exercise area.

Look for the "New River Trail Totem Pole" (this is a metal sculpture). Facing the totem pole, about 10 steps to the left there is a group of rocks near the treeline. This box can e found hidden to the left of these rocks. Make sure to replace the rock that holds the box in place so that animals won't dislodge it.

Box #2: The "Rock by the River" (it's really Chestnut Creek).
This box is located about milepost 46.5 and can be reached most conveniently from the Gambetta entrance to the park. If you are on the trail coming from Galax, it's just a few miles past Box#1.

From the Galax direction, there is a spot where a small creek runs under the trail and it is roped off. Not far past that spot there will be a flat rock on the creek side which makes a good seat. There is an opening under that rock.

From the Fries direction, continue up-creek from Chestnut Falls. After you pass the cleared grassy area on the right, you will come to a nice natural stone seat on the left.

While sitting on this seat....wait till there isn't anyone watching because this box is RIGHT ON THE TRAIL. Check underneath where you are sitting where the letterbox will be on a ledge. After stamping, make sure to put everything back out of view...placing a rock so that an animal won't dislodge the letterbox.