Clayton Park  LbNA # 21303 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateApr 9 2006
LocationImlaystown, NJ
Planted ByM&BH    
Found By slowpoke2009
Last Found Jul 11 2010
Hike Distance?

Clayton Park is a rustic 421-acre site in rural Upper Freehold located amidst the rolling farmland of western Monmouth County. One of the most beautiful parks in the county system, the property is known for stately stands of red and white oak, beech, ash and birch trees.


•Interstate 195 to exit 11 (Imlaystown / Cox's Corner). Eastbound, turn right and follow to end; westbound, turn left and follow to end. Turn left onto Rt. 526 and make immediate right onto Imlaystown-Davis Station Rd. Follow to Emley's Hill Rd., turn left. Follow to Park on left.

• Rt. 537 west to Rt. 526 (becomes Red Valley Rd.) to Imlaystown-Davis Station Rd. Turn left and follow Imlaystown-Davis Station Rd. to Emley's Hill Rd., turn left and follow to Park on left.

Here’s a web address to learn more about Clayton Park

This search (and return) should take 1 to 1.5 hrs. This park is frequented by mountain bikers so “heads up” for the occasional speed demon. Trails are well maintained but hiking shoes or sturdy athletic shoes are suggested.

Start from the yield sign located at trail entrance. You’ll find park information nearby and grabbing a trail map could be useful but not necessary. Enter the woods following the green “Glen” trail. Soon you’ll arrive at a “T” where you’ll want to go north, deeper into the woods. Next, when you come to a fork in the road take it, [left] (Wink to Yankee fans) Your next fork is right, 3rd fork head downhill and the next head north. (This park has more forks than a diner!)

You should now find yourself strolling along with a pond on your left. Continue to follow the pond (you’ll need no “doctor”) and head back into the woods. Watch for a huge dead Sycamore laying on your left in a swampy area and you’ll know you’re on the right path.

As you stroll, generally uphill, watch for signs on your right that “Max Loves You”. From Max’s boast, face to 180° and, looking downhill, spy a large uprooted tree a stones throw away. A careful examination will reveal it’s actually 2 trees. Your prize is located under the uphill end of the westward trunk beneath something that doesn’t belong there. Be careful descending the slope, it is a little tricky. It's been reported that some poison ivy is near, so be careful.

You can either backtrack or continue on the unexplored trial. If you continue, you’ll wind your way back to the parking lot, closing the loop, in about 20 minutes of easy walking.

Please contact us if you attempt and let us know how you did. (yes, betterloxing!)