Die Missing Grundsau  LbNA # 21190

Placed DateApr 1 2006
LocationBlandon, PA
Planted ByLucha Libre    
Found By Hey Man Team
Last Found Oct 3 2009
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**Please Note: Hunting is seasonally permitted at this facility. Please practice the proper cautions.**

Die Missing Grundsau

Der vas a major kerfaffle at the Fersommling of Grundsau Lodsch nummer zwolf. It seems zat da prize Grunsau, Goschenhoppen Gus has gone missing. Lets go looken now to see vat is transpiring…

“Chentlemen and Ladies! Please settle dahn!” sag der Haaptman as he tried to calm down the attendants.

But der shouting continued…

“But, Goschenhoppen Gus is missing! We fear he has been kidnapped! Who could do such a ding?,” came exasperated replies from the worried guests.

“Vat ve know is that a certain Mr. Pujeh vas seen out by the den running away vit some of dat der Douggerware. Maybe he’s going to hide a letterbox or some other such ding…”

“Ach! Dat Pujeh’s nothing but trouble. First schkams, then dose aufful Rottingtons and nah dis! Day say dat a man is chudged by der company he keeps – hounds, hikers, big and little dawgs, people dat play vit crayons assorted coaster riders and vultures – a most unsavory lot!”

“so, ver do you dink der Grundsau is?”

“Vell, I hope dat he at least hid it in Pennsylvaanisch-Deitsch country, maybe in Baerricks or Lechaa Kaundi!”

“Grundsaus like deh vatter, I dink it is by der Lake zwichen det tahships dat mean “Little Daughter” in der Lenape tongue and “der Maiden Creek”

“Ay, dat ver all dat Urban Schprawl is creeping. At least the forest about der Lake is safe, ve hope!”

“Dat’s bettur. I did find dis schlip of peper by der den. Vot does it mean?”

“It looks like directions to der platz.”

…Route 222 southwest from Kutztown. Turn right on route 73. After about ½ mile turn right onto Calcium Road and finally right onto Maiden Creek Road. Go to the second very small dirt parking lot on the left, about ½ mile. If you see a stop sign along a woods road heading northwest of here park there…”

“Ach, vunscht, that shlip is in Inglisch. Well dat Pujeh is no Dutchmann! Ve need to bring an Inglishman or der Raadsman along vor dat shtuff...”

“Say nah vunscht, I know dat platz! Chust vest of the Grossdaddi Lodsch. Und calcium is good for dah bones!”

“Let’s go organize a posse and go out and find our Grundsau.”

“You know vat? I dink ve can find our Grundsau. Let us hurry to der!”

“Yes, but ven you leave, don’t forget to Outten the Lights!”

…Several Volunteers including der Haaptman, der Raadsman, der Parre and the rest of the Raatsleit gathered up there things and went forth to where the slip of paper directed them…

“Vell, here ve are. Maiden Creek Road and look der goes dat woods road at 330° and der is a Shtop sign right by dose train tracks. I am glad I brought dis compash.”

“Yah, let us go dere and cross the tracks and go on for about another ¼ mile…”

“Say Nah! Vat is dat? A tree shtump vit a big wart on it? Vat an awful ding to happen top a tree. Maybe dat’s vy it broke off and ders a suspicious pile of log log fragments at dah base.”

“Ach you Dumn Bunny! You only found his tracks! I dink ve need to go much further down this path.”

“I say ve keep going down this road, and be sure to ignore dem side roads. Besides valking up dat little hill will be good exercise!”

“Yah Kistler, you could shtand to lose a few pounds!!”

“Very funny, Hunsicker, you’re no Slim Jim yourself!”

“Gentlemen, Please! Ve do haff a Grudsau to find. Shtay focused!”

“Vell we’re at the last cross roads, only down the hill a bit from here is the lake.” “

“I dink there is a little pine forest half vay down on der right…”

“Looky der! On der left across from der little pine forest… A large root ball.”

“Look vunscht behind at and see if it is there!”

“I see a suspicious pile of logs and vait! Der it is!!!”

That evening, when returning to the Lodsch, them members celebrated finding Die Grundsau and his tracks by eating a wonderful feast complete with Garoschde Sie um Rins Fleesche (pork and beef), sauergraut, dunges (gravy), Salaat mit Seida Schpech Brie (lettuce with bacon dressing), Gchtumpde Grumbiera (mashed potatoes), Welschkarn (corn), Bendel Bohna (string beans), Zellerich and Geel Reeva (celery and carrots), Schmier kaes um Lodwarrich (cottage cheese and applebutter), Weis um karn brot (white and rye bread), Budder (butter) and of course Gfrorne Raahm (ice cream) for dessert. Coffee was available during the meal but a toast was offered using Gens Wei (goose wine) that suspiciously tasted like a brew made with leaves from tea that grows randomly in meadows and gardens!