Massachusetts Wolf Mystery Letterbox  LbNA # 2109

Ownerkiller caterpillar    
Placed DateMay 1 2003
Location???, MA
Planted Bylonemasswolf    
Found By ???
Last Found May 6 2016
Hike Distance?

The old gray wolf gazed out over the Blackstone River Valley from atop his favorite lookout. Members of his pack had been coming to this rock since the time before the white man. He sang out with little hope of hearing any answer. It had been almost a year since he last saw another of his kind. Even his brothers in nature, the natives of this land, were fast disappearing before the onslaught of the white settler. He sang out once again and thought he heard a response from Goat Hill, perhaps he would swim the river and search over there.

Suddenly, he heard them! The trappers from the new settlement were close by. Then he saw them, coming toward him from the north. He spun around, stared at them for a brief moment, and quickly raced off down the path to the left. At the bottom of the path he jumped the fallen log and veered again to the left at the large boulder in the center of the path. Over another fallen log to an intersection of trails. He knew the trail straight ahead led to the road that the hunters came in on, so he headed off on the trail to the right.

Down the path, over the stream, and up to another trail intersection. He could hear the hunters right behind him. His only hope was based on the fact that they seemed to have left their dogs behind, and he knew he could outwit anything on two legs. He stayed to the left, deeper into the woods and away from the river. He knew the right hand fork led to the new settlement called Rice City by the white man.

Down the trail he ran, leaping over four more fallen logs. The trail then breached an old stonewall, and the wolf smiled slyly. He remembered a good hiding place just up ahead. Over one more fallen log, then off the left side of the trail there were more remnants of the same wall. He leapt over the wall and burrowed down between the wall and a multi-trunked tree. Here he hid, quietly, as the hunters passed by.

He did not revel in his success, for he knew that there were many hunters, and only one tired old wolf.