La Vie Aquatique #2: The Green Seahorse  LbNA # 21032

Placed DateMar 25 2006
LocationChapel Hill, NC
Planted ByWishfish    
Found By Trepid Explorer
Last Found Jan 18 2014
Hike Distance?

Alive and well as of 7/7/07.

This letterbox is hidden on the Bolin Creek Trail, which begins at the Chapel Hill Community Center.

The Chapel Hill Community is located at 120 S. Estes Drive (across from the main post office).

After you've parked your car in the lot, walk back toward Estes. The paved trail begins on your left near the playground.

Pass the rose garden on the left, go through the cul-de-sac, and under the bridge.

Continue on the trail until you reach the 0.5-mile marker (it will be a small sign on the left).

Once you reach the 0.5-mile marker, start looking for a light blue birdhouse on a tree about 15 steps off the right side of the trail. The birdhouse, which has “BSA T39” written on its face, is attached to the tree about 8 feet from the ground.

Stay on the trail but position yourself evenly with the birdhouse. Keeping it on your right, take about 45 steps forward down the trail in the direction you were originally headed.

Look for a large, multi-trunk tree on the right where the curves around.

You will find the letterbox in the crux of this tree under some pieces of wood and bark. It is best to go around to the back of the tree to access the box.

Please be discreet when stamping in -- this is a busy trail! -- and rehide the letterbox carefully when you're done.