Deep Creek  LbNA # 2092 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateAug 21 2002
LocationBryson City, NC
Found By Leapin' Lizards
Last Found Mar 28 2005
Hike Distance?

(Note: This box was serviced the last week of July 2005. It was missing for about a month this summer, but we found it nearby and have altered the directions so that hopefully it will stay put. We've had a lot of people happen upon it by accident since 2002. Please replace it discreetly. Thanks and enjoy the hunt!)

This box is located in Deep Creek Campground in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park next to Bryson City, NC, in Swain County. It was placed August 21, 2002.

Enter the park at the entrance to Deep Creek Campground. There is a private business in Bryson City called Creekside Tubing right at the entrance. By the way, they have great food and service if you go when they're open, usually from May 31 throughout October. Pick a tube up here too ($2-$3) so you can tube down Deep Creek after your find.

Drive straight through and don't turn right to go to the tenting area, unless you want to tent. The price is $14...great deal, friendly camp host, clean bathrooms, but frequent bear visitation. (Leave all food, soap, & shampoo in your car overnight and throw all trash in the dumpster!)

You will eventually come to a parking lot. Not the big one beside the creek on your right, but the one further up on your left. You'll know if you've gone too far because you will come to a gate you can't pass with a car. It's a path used by tubers, hikers, and joggers.

The parking lot you find will have a 0.3 mile trail to Juney Whank Falls leading off the back of it. Follow the signs until you come to the falls and a log bridge. And I do mean a log log. In case you ended up at the falls and bridge using a different route, look at it this way - if you are looking at the front of the bridge, you need to be on the left side end. So, standing at that end, look to your far right at a group of large rocks just right for sitting.

Climb over the rocks, being careful not to slip. Once you are on dirt again below them, turn around. Facing the rocks, you will find the Deep Creek letterbox under a ledge, behind a stone. Watch for critters when sticking your hand in the hole. We carved this stamp around the fire while camping here.

When replacing the box, please put the stone in so that it can't be accidentally tipped or kicked away.

While you're down there, look just a few feet down the slope and to your left. There will be a rock leaning against the base of a tree, with the top of it embedded in the tree. This was the former hiding place of the Deep Creek box.

***This is a much traveled trail. Be careful to find and hide the box as secretly as possible.***

Stay awhile and visit the park. Many families, including ours, have made it a tradition to return each year. It's great for camping, tubing, picnicking, hiking, and ranger talks. A couple of last warnings...when tubing, always wear water or tennis shoes to fend off rocks and peruse all sunny rocks as you go down...they make great tanning beds for snakes. ::)

Have Fun!
The Allens