Animal Shelter  LbNA # 20751

Placed DateMar 11 2006
LocationSt. Clairsville, OH
Planted ByDog Warden Hubby    
Found By The Treasure Seekers
Last Found Apr 10 2010
Hike Distance?
Last EditedNov 17 2015

Make your way to exit 213 of Interstate 70 and then to the intersection of Route 40 and Route 331. From that intersection head West past the Eastern Campus of Ohio University. Make your next left past the OUE sign which is on the right. Signs will direct you towards the animal shelter which is clear in the back toward interstate. The old county home will be on your right as you drive down to the left. The Animal Shelter is open to the public from 10-3 every day and if you want to pop in and say hi to the Dog Warden or her assistant feel free. They are extremely busy taking care of over 100 animals that are available for adoption. You can even take one of the dogs for a walk if you ask nicely. If you arrive other than 10-3 or you do not want to bother the staff, that's okay too. Go to the right of the animal shelter and proceed to fence and view the large compound scattered with dozens of dog houses. The dogs are on the houses during the day - 365 days per year - and put inside around 3:oo pm. You will see some beautiful animals from 10 - 3. You can even look to the left and catch a peek at some cats in their outdoor run if you are lucky. While scanning the compound look to the North West corner of the fenced in area. Go South along the fence and look for a tree outside the compound fence within a few sections. Proceed, staying outside the compound, to that tree. If you are really careful you'll get dog paws all over your book. Please return the box to it's hidden location. Thanks for visiting the Belmont County Animal Shelter.