The Grasshopper  LbNA # 20671

Placed DateMar 4 2006
Location???, MA
Found By ???
Last Found Aug 26 2011
Hike Distance?
Last EditedNov 28 2015

Somewhere in Massachusetts is a Village with no residents. It has a bank with no accounts and a law office with no attorney.

When you get to this village, find Anson. You'll have luck if you search for him near the church with no congregation. Once you find him, head straight back to the wall. There, behind the two wives, look low behind a large rock for the Grasshopper.

***Absolute discretion is a must. Nobody in this place knows that the letterbox is there, and I don't know if they would allow it to remain in place if they did. Please take it to another location to stamp in before replacing it carefully!

Anson is not a person. Please do not ask anyone who he is. They will not know who you are talking about. Find him on your own!