Viola Head  LbNA # 20615

Placed DateFeb 5 2006
Location???, NJ
Found By ???
Last Found Sep 26 2009
Hike Distance?

In the township, that lies in the county, near the town with a bridge, all of the same name, you will find a Sabre, near the Home. Just up the road from the Sabre you will find the Viola Head.

Not a New York road. Turn into Ernie's fields.

Start at the playground and walk the trail East with a view of the beautiful Creek basin. Where the paved path passes a bench and picnic area, join the unmarked trail at 30 degrees. Walk 62 steps.

See the benches ahead - you can sit there when stamping-in.

Take the smaller trail at 165 degrees for 38 steps. You should be standing with a large tree on your right. Walk another 12 steps.

Leave the trail left at 70 degrees for 16 steps, past four slender trees on the right. Head for the tree that has split and the smaller offshoot has fallen and been cut up.

The prize is at the base of a large tree under a piece of concrete and some bark.

"Fiddle Heads" are the young fronds of certain types of ferns. Although the word "fiddlehead" could refer to any fern shoots, only one variety, the ostrich fern, is considered edible. These tightly curled green shoots are picked before their leaves unfurl; gathered from the wild, they are rare and expensive. They resemble the head of a fiddle.