Cave at Mint Creek  LbNA # 20350

Placed DateFeb 4 2006
LocationPrescott, AZ
Planted ByAnn    
Found By cezannie
Last Found May 13 2016
Hike Distance?

The hike is about 3 1/2 mls and is relatively difficult ie 4 ft. drops but doable if healthy. Watch for snakesand tarantulas.
At the Yavapai County Court House go north on Montezuma-whipple -Iron Springs rds 10 lights or approx. 3.5 mls to Williamson Valley Rd. At the fire station turn right. Go 6.6 mls to the trail head park. lot to the left of the small fire station. From the left corner of the pit toilet walk 86 paces to the green gate , turn right, cross the wash and walk up a short rise.

From the first Pinion tree (minus some limbs) go 82 paces to first trail on left . Turn left and gradually climb through a field and groves of Juniper. Note there are female Junipers w/ berries in the fall/winter. The males (few) have none. As the trail rises to the second shelf, the trail gets rockier. At top of second rise is green cattle tank and trough. Bear right at trough and keep tank to your left. Proceed to accute left turn and enter an old road going left. Proceed beyond the first trail that goes to the right. keep going until the trail heads up over ridge and another trial enters from the left.
Go over the ridge. At the horse trail, turm left, go 88 paces . Turn right and walk a few feet to the cliff edge & 2 prickly pear cacti. Go to the dead pinion on your left, go down the trail w/ pinion on your left. Go between the boulders, turn left and carefully go down the slope to anther drop off. Drop to a small shelf and go right. Drop down again to a small level area, take your shoes off and step up on boulders straight ahead to see ancient art work thousands of years old. (Petroglyphs)
Go back to level spot, put on your shoes again, and drop down, to your right, 2 more levels. On your left you'll find the cave. Go through the cave. Note the glaze from thousands of years of fires. At the east end you will find some scrub oak etc and a pinion growing out of it. Hidden against the boulder under some rocks is the well deserved letterbox.
Be sure to cover it up well when done.
If you continue down you'll find mint Creek. Go left and go upstream just a little way to sculptured boulders and , if a wet season, beautiful pools.