Jennings-Randolph  LbNA # 2030 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateOct 13 2000
LocationWesternport, WV
Planted BySquirrel    
Found By NJ Carole
Last Found Jul 14 2005
Hike Distance?

Take 220 south to 135 west to the town of Westernport. Continue thru Luke past the Westvaco Paper mill. Turn left onto 46 West to Jennings-Randolph Lake. Go toward the Dam and Overlook areas. At the overlook find the "Waffle" Rock. From the "Waffle" Rock, drive back down to the picnic area along the shore of the lake. When the sun is out you should be able to see Mourning Cloak butterflies, they over winter as adults. Take the Lakeside trail into the woods. Just after you enter the trail look for a very large boulder on the left side of the trail and go to that. On the left side of the boulder is a tall tree. At the base of the tree you will see a gray flat stone, uderneath carefully your treasure will be.

This box has been fixed up and is still active as of Aug.1 2006. It is almost 6 years old!

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