More or Less  LbNA # 20256 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateJan 27 2006
LocationNew Hope, PA
Found By
Last Found
Hike Distance?

(I'm not sure whether this location is accessible to pets or not. I apologize and will try to find out if animals are permitted.)

The clue to this box is a "token clue."

"What's a token clue????," you ask.

Well, I'm very glad that you DID ask! I don't know if anyone has ever done anything like this before or whether I am breaking new ground here.

A token clue is a clue that has to be earned by collecting tokens.

"What's a token???," you ask.

A token is some small trinket or object that is unique or handmade (ie., easily identifiable by me as one of my tokens.) You will not be able to go to the store and buy some poker chips or Monopoly money and have them look like my tokens! Not that you would be tempted to "cheat" in that way anyhow, of course!

"Where do I get tokens???"

Well, you will get them in Swallowdale letterboxes, of course! I will put them in my boxes when I plant them and I will also put tokens in my boxes when I maintain them. (So, for example, let's say you already found one of my boxes, but you are in the area and have a hitchhiker to drop off. You could stop by the box and log in the hitchhiker and see if you can nab a token at that time, etc.)

You must then present me with the physical tokens (in person or via mail) to obtain the clues.

The clues to "More or Less" will cost you 5 tokens.

Does this sound like fun to you???? I hope so, because I'm sure having fun with it already! :-D

And, hey, if it's not your cup of tea... skip it! Go for my other boxes and leave the tokens and the token clues for others.

I know this one is a little bit "different." It's an experiment, of sorts. We'll see together how it goes and how we like it!!!! If we all hate it, I'll do away with the tokens and with token clues. ("No, no! Don't do that!!!" I can hear some of you already! LOL!)

Thanks! As always, if you have any questions please feel free to ask. And happy boxing!!!! :)