Find Butterfly  LbNA # 20243

OwnerBungalow Boxer      
Placed DateJan 1 2003
Location???, CT
Found By ???
Last Found Sep 1 2008
Hike Distance?

Find Butterfly

Planted in honor of Butterfly's birthday on January 19th.

To find a butterfly,
You don't need to know why
A butterfly flies
Around the skies

Because, THIS butterfly
Likes Rocks instead of sky.
This butterfly doesn't mind
For letterboxes it doth find.

From with-Inn the marshland go,
North where red would flow.
Onward west the white folk mow,
Through laurel as the wind doth blow.

Up and left the white men walk
Stop and be quiet, do not talk!
A large ledge on right is near,
Walk toward it, please do not fear!

Look for nothing that's horizontal,
But for a tree that is diagonal.
Please look down, yes you should!
To find a Butterfly behind some wood!