Crofts #3  LbNA # 20089 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateJan 19 2006
LocationCherry Hill, NJ
Found By aylesfam
Last Found May 1 2006
Hike Distance?

Croft’s Farm

Start at intersection of Brace and Berlin Rd. Take Brace(rt. 154 N) to 2nd light, make a left onto
Bortons Mill Rd. Pass the ball field, the running track and workout equipment. Park facing the basketball court.

Face West, go through 2 brick guardians, follow path. Head for the “wishing site” Go South, keeping well on your left. If you want to be a “big wheel” – the “key” to your success must be on your right.

Keep going South, Ol’ Mac’s home is now on your left. Turn to 140 degrees and split “No Parking.” Walk on wood until it turns to stone, turn SW to 220 degrees. Keep walking until you see the match of what you just crossed.

Behind 11148DL you will see ”Arts Center”, if you don’t want to be “STUMPED,” look at its base.
Use the 3 holes to turn it over. HUNT OVER!!!!!