Stefan the Wanderer  LbNA # 19951

Placed DateJan 11 2006
LocationLiverpool, NY
Planted Byartichoke    
Found By Jiggs
Last Found Jun 17 2009
Hike Distance?
Last EditedSep 20 2015

Stefan the Wanderer

While reading the book, 'The Historian' by Elizabeth Kostova, I became intrigued with the character of Stefan the Wanderer. (I highly recommend the book as an entertaining read!) Stefan was one of the monks assigned to escort Count Dracula's headless body to a safe hiding place after his death. Well, where better to hide a wandering, headless, vampire-escorting monk than a cemetary?

Morgan Road Cemetary is located at the intersection of Morgan Road and Wetzel Road in Liverpool.

From Rt. 81 Northbound or Southbound, take the 7th North St. exit. (exit 25). Turn right onto 7th North street. Continue until you come to Electronics Parkway. Turn right and continue to Wetzel Road (Electronics Parkway becomes Henry Clay Blvd at some point). Turn left onto Wetzel Road, and Morgan Road cemetary is on your right, right before the Morgan Road intersection.

Pull into the driveway of the cemetary and park. Walk towards the back of the cemetary away from the road and pass by a red iron gate to the back section of the cemetary. Walk along the left of the burial plots towards the back of the cemetary. At the back, you will see two gravestones set by themselves in front of a three-trucked tree next to a single trunk tree. Facing these gravestones, you will see a single tree, alone by itself in the clearing to the right and front of you (at approximately 2 o'clock from the two gravestones). Walk to this tree. With your back to this tree, you will see a large tree in front of you with 3 large trunks. To the left of this tree in a brush pile is Stefan the Wanderer.

Please be stealthy while searching for this box. There is a geocache located nearby.