Favorite Hat  LbNA # 19899 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateJan 4 2006
LocationGresham, OR
Planted ByLogos    
Found By Pico Pi et al
Last Found Nov 11 2006
Hike Distance?

Tractor Boy has been asking to carve a stamp of his favorite hat for months now. After ascertaining exactly which hat that was (his stretch fleece blue camo print), mom helped him make this stamp. Since Tractor Boy is several months from his 4th birthday, his stamp is pretty simple. But he's very excited to have it out there for everyone to find (especially other kids). Here are the clues:

It's a fire station… It's a park… It's a fire station… It's a park! (Really.) If you're stuck, check the hint below.

From the park sign, climb the path up the hill to your right. Keep climbing until the path levels off and you are in a large clearing. The marker for the next trail is a very large, lone Doug Fir. Take the path to the right. Stay to the left on this path for a few steps until you see a large fallen log, also on the left. Follow the log all the way to its cut end. Tractor Boy's favorite hat is hiding behind a gnarled section of stump near the big log.

(Tractor Boy's big sister, Miss Kitty, has hidden her Flicker nearby, too. But that's a different set of clues.)



If you Kane't find the park, consult a map of Gresham.