Oklahoma Anagram  LbNA # 19781

Ownerosugeography N5CL    
Placed DateDec 29 2005
Location???, OK
Found By ???
Last Found Feb 7 2007
Hike Distance?

This letterbox is NOT in service. I thought I had removed it from the active list, but not so. It was removed from service because of going missing numerous times. If there is any interest, I will place tis one back in service. Thank you.

The first clue is included here: a Mystery Box in Oklahoma WITHOUT any compass work, after solving my main clues!

Well, okay, many people, even (especially?) my best friends have told me I am essentially clueless! You may think so too, after reading the clue which reveals the starting location--I have anagrammed the clue revealing the starting point--the jumbled letters can be rearranged to specifically reveal where to start. After finding the starting point, there will be some compass work of a very basic nature.

Here is the clue for the starting point, the anagram:

"Hooligans kill a man"

1) The phrase above is an anagram of the actual clue and the letters must be rearranged to tell you where to start, but the above phrase is also a small clue in itself. When you successfully solve the anagram, you will find that the above phrase complements a historical aspect of the location in the decoded phrase. The letters rearrange to form three words.

2) From the plaque on the north side of the monument commemorating this event, go aproximately three-tenths of a mile east. On the north side of the road, you will see a driveway leading into a place of rest.

Turn into the driveway, but DO NOT enter the property of the "place of rest". Along the west side of the driveway, there are several trees, mostly cedar, along the fence row.

Go to the last tree in the fence row heading north. Behind the tree you will find a double ZipLoc bag that is the letter box.

I do not yet have a stamp in the letterbox, or pad.

There are, however, three items for the first three finders--after three, I will have had time to place a pad, and cut a stamp. Please take one of the three items, your choice of one each, uncancelled plate block of four stamps.

If the box is found before I get back to it, and the stamp is not in place and you want to have a stamp from the box, please email me and I will mail you for free a stamped page, oversize, so that you can place in your book.

Thanks--If you have any questions or comments, please e-mail.

Best regards,