Chicks Rule  LbNA # 19719

Placed DateDec 21 2005
LocationCleburne, TX
Planted ByDelivery Girl    
Found By Big-Ussons
Last Found Jul 1 2008
Hike Distance?

s box is located in Cleburne SP. Located just outside Cleburne, TX Use the link to get further directions.

Make sure you bring the whole family and enjoy this park!

~Chicks Rule LetterBox~

Start with looking at the map

~Take the spillway hiking trail by starting where the little man symbol is on the map. There is a little culdisac to park in.
~Follow the trail across a mini dry creek with 3 cement squares and follow the trail steadily up the hill till you come to a wide trail. Go Left on the wide trail.
~This trail will bring you to the spillway.
~You will come to a trail sign that says "To Overlook or Lake Loop".
~Continue up the hill till almost to the top. You will see a trail to the Right by a little pine tree with some white rocks at its base.
~Take the trail approx 10 feet to a very small clearing. Go to the tree just in front of you and turn around.
~Take your compass and find the tree a few feet away at 130 degrees.
~The box is under the white rocks in the tree.

Have fun and enjoy the park!

Let me know how these boxes are doing!