Greek Gods Series - Poseidon  LbNA # 19691

Placed DateAug 25 2005
CountyOther International
LocationSantorini, GREECE, INT
Planted ByThe Juggler    
Found By Junebugs
Last Found Jun 21 2007
Hike Distance?

Take the bus to the Ingovermeli stop. Look for the sign for the Blue Note Restaurant. Go up the hill towards the Blue Note about 100 yards. There is a church on your right. Go into the courtyard of the church and stand on the star and face the church door. Turn 2 points of the star to the left. You should now be facing an opening in the wall. Go into the garden, and all the way to the left in the corner is the letterbox under a bush covered by a rock.

Please rehide well. And please bring a stamp pad... And please be careful with the stamp (it is handcarved by the way) One other thing, I put postcards in there, but time ran out and I didn't get postage for them, so could you PLEASE mail one to me, as it's not like I'm going to check on it anytime soon.

And as I said about the one I left in Athens, please don't plan a trip around this box, because I have no way of making sure it's still there.