Justice League of Guelph #3: Wonder Woman  LbNA # 19619 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateDec 3 2005
CountyOntario, CAN
LocationGuelph, ONT
Planted ByPixel n Juno n Bee    
Found By Gwynlais
Last Found Nov 9 2008
Hike Distance?

This is a five-part series of urban letterboxes in downtown Guelph. It is based on the legendary superheroes of the Justice League, better known to some as The Superfriends.

The entire series can be completed in about two hours, and is designed to give
you a nice walking tour of the downtown area.


First things first, you should be wearing a tiara for this letterbox. It’s not mandatory, but it looks great.

While walking along Wyndham Street North, find the restaurant that shares Wonder Woman’s first name.

Look around you. Do you see a well-armed Glorious Gal all dressed in green? Good, now go to her.

When facing her, a street slopes away to your left. Follow it until it reaches a stop sign.

At the stop sign, you will see a bridge and another sign, this one of wood. This second sign is for an area that is evocative of a certain lasso…

Enter the area via the footpath. When the path divides, take the one that goes downhill.

You will pass some ruins on your left, no doubt the site of some Amazonian struggle.

Soon you will see a third sign. This one repeats the name of the area, except the sign is in stone. Do you see the oddly shaped keystone beside it? Does it remind you of anything?

Like a true hero you must overcome death and enter its valley.

Turn right inside the valley so that you face toward the river. Walk until you are at the end of the valley. On the wall to your left, at about the height of your knee, behind some vines is a light-coloured, fist-sized rock set into the wall. Remove it to find the letterbox.

Found it? Congratulations!

Return to the wooden sign, cross the bridge, head right and you’re on your way to the 4th letterbox in the series!