A Texas Snowman - PULLED FOR REPAIR  LbNA # 19616 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateDec 1 2005
LocationHouston, TX
Planted Bymother of five    
Found By Gryzzled Gryphon
Last Found May 29 2006
Hike Distance?

About the only bad thing (as far as I can see) about being from Texas is that you never get to make a snowman (ok, maybe sometimes in North Texas...but never in Houston!) That is, unless you are a letterboxer! Then you always have "snowman snow!" This series is in Bane park, located at 9600 West Little York, Houston 77040. Look for the Gleeful Grinch box while you are there, but you better hurry, because everyone knows that snowmen don't last forever!

The first step to making a snowman is to make the body and head. So locate the Nature Trail sign on the far side of the lake, grab up some snow, and start rolling! If you roll your snowball to the left of the nature trail sign you will find a sign for Yupine Holly. Keeping this sign on your right and the lake at your back, roll your snowball about nine steps to a clump of trees. Behind the largest tree you will see 4 small trunks growing. The first box is between the large tree and these trunks, covered with sticks and leaves. Now that you have his body and head, he needs a face. I think there is some coal and a carrot hiding around here somewhere. With the Holly sign at your back, continue down the trail following the arrows on the trees. At the second arrow you will find a broken tree, about 8 feet tall, on the right side of the trail. Follow the faint path to this tree, and the box is at the base between the tree and a stump covered with bark. Your snowman needs some arms and buttons, let's see if we can find some. Continue on the path until you find the sign for Trumpet Creeper. From this sign take 15 more steps down the trail arriving at 2 large trees just off the path on the left side. The tree farthest from the trail has a hole in its base, and the third box is just inside this hole. But no snowman is complete without his hat, so let's keep looking. Standing on the trail at the 3rd box, look at the trail in front of you, it should be an "S" curve. Taking about 17 steps from box #3 you should arrive at the top of the "S". Look to your left, and locate a very large tree bending toward the lake, about 12 steps from the trail. The snowman's hat (and logbook!) are at the base of this tree under a fallen log. Surprised? Well, even snowmen know that Rodeo is just around the corner! Please recover all boxes well, and let me know if you have made a snowman in Texas!