John Rockam  LbNA # 19480 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateNov 27 2005
LocationRowlett, TX
Found By Gryzzled Gryphon
Last Found Dec 1 2005
Hike Distance?

John Rockam

Pecan Grove Park is located at the east end of Main St. in Rowlett. With a water park, skate park, Kids Kingdom, Community Center, and miles of wooded trails there is a wide choice of outdoor activities to choose from. Our favorite activity is to play in the Kids Kingdom (playground) and picnic among the trees.

Rowlett is located 10 minutes east of Dallas and north of IH 30. From Main St. traveling east past the downtown district follow the “Wet Zone” signs. Park in front of the Kids Kingdom.

Start out on thar trail through thar tall Pecan trees left of thar playground. In thar middle of all thar tall pecan trees thar trail will fork, take thar left side trail (Pecan Grove). Continue out thar trail into thar heavily wooded area. At thar path intersection with thar “Meadow Loop ½ mile” trail turn right and continue out thar Meadow Loop trail. As ye start out on thar Meadow Loop trail, count thar grooves in thar concrete. When ye get to 60, Avast Ye, thar 60th groove points to thar tree. At thar base, lift thar small piece of concrete to reveal thar box. Thar tree is thar largest around and looks like it has been split down thar middle (but is actually two trees).

This trail is heavy used so please be discreet, and replace as best as possible. You may want to bring your stick for poking before you reach in! AHOY, keep her to the wind and happy trails.