Fairy Tale  LbNA # 19451 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateNov 27 2005
LocationMarion, NC
Planted Bydragonfly111    
Found By masterpiece
Last Found Jul 30 2006
Hike Distance?

Take US221 at Walmart intersection in Marion. Tavel about 5.5 miles to Huskins Branch Road on left, just before old Woodlawn hotel. Take Huskins Branch for about 1.2 miles to parking area on right. Falls Branch trailhead is to right of parking. Follow yellow blaze. A small creek(not the muck-mess right after parking area) intercepts the trail, be careful crossing it. You'll notice that the trail forks immediately after you cross the creek. If you follow the yellow blaze, the trail takes you to the bottom of the waterfall. But to find the letterbox, you must take the uphill trail to the right. The climb to the top is pretty steep, and covered with leaves at times, so use caution. When you see the large boulders jutting from the mountainside above, you are almost finished with the climb. There is a small tree across the trail you will have to cross. You will need to use extra care in this part because of the steep drop to the falls on the left. This is a great place!!! I hope you enjoy the hidden waterfall. Moving on--the creek crosses the trail twice, but rock hop to the other side. On your left, there will be a few rocks below a siamese tree. Cross over the rocks and make your way to the stream. As you face the stream, look over your left shoulder for a large rock that is open on the right bottom side. The fairy box is waiting there for you. Please hide the box in the same place under leaves and twigs after your visit. Use same caution navigating your way back to the parking area. BONUS: Remember about the trail to the bottom of the falls? Explore to find the spooky cave!!