Pioneer Hunt  LbNA # 19411 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateNov 24 2005
LocationGuerneville, CA
Planted ByEcofriend    
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It appears that this letterbox has been removed from the site. I will try to put another one in its place. Our apologies to anyone who went looking for it and could not find it.

Start at the main entrance of Armstrong Redwoods.

Take Pioneer Nature Trail. You will pass Parson Jones, the tallest. Keep going, and check out the "Histree" on the way.

You will come to the first fork of the hunt. Continue on the Pioneer nature trail past Burbank Circle.

At the second fork, take the path that will take you to Armstrong Tree Forest Theater. Go around the Icicle Tree.

After you cross the bridge, take approximately 60 steps along the trail. You will arrive at a bend in the trail. At your right will be a sleeping tree. At the end of this tree, look in the hollow of the twin trees to reveal the treasure.

(This is a pretty easy, flat walk, and takes about an hour. OK for kids.)