Fox in the Mountains and at Water's Edge  LbNA # 1931

Placed DateAug 1 2002
Location?, NH
Planted Byterrapin traveliers    
Found By Nairon
Last Found Jun 8 2014
Hike Distance?

In the Mountains
Find the mount(ain) that ranks higher than a captain and has a great view of what the natives call "Winnipiseogee".
1. Trail on the left--follow to right
2. After crossing your third footbridge start counting your steps.
3. 152 steps you will see a tree in the center of a roundabout (there is a small tree just on the west side of it, and a wedge shaped rock to its south).
4. Walk 36 steps at 180 degrees up the hill to find a boulder the size of a golf cart.
5. On the south side of this boulder you will find a small pile of stones, beneath which, the fox is hiding.

**If you have the time and the energy a trip to the top is well worth it. Don't forget to bring water, and remember your route.

At Water's Edge
There is a park named after Chief Ahanton's daughter--find this park to begin your search. ($3.00 entrance fee)

1. Head west from concessions to the beach's end.
2. Walk into woods.
3. You will be on an old road bed and you will see an old concrete stairway leading back down towards the beach- but don't go downstairs- you won't find him there.
4. Walk down the dirt road until you spot a cement and stone ramp on your right.
5. At the top of this ramp there is a sizeable stone with a chunk of concrete attached.
6. At the rear you will see a small pile of stones. The fox is carefully hidden beneath.

These two locations are very popular--particularly in the summer months. Please be discrete when hunting for the fox!