The Artiste  LbNA # 19296

Placed DateNov 16 2005
Location???, MA
Found By (hidden)
Hike Distance?

Stamp: Hand carved


Find the Movie that has "You gotta know the territory" within the first 7 minutes.

What town did it take place in?
1st of 1st, 1st of 2nd, 2nd of 2nd .

What was the name of the Quartet?
2nd of 2nd, 5th of 2nd.

Vern Reed played whom?
2nd of 2nd, 4th of 2nd.

What was the Mayor’s wife name?
2nd of 1st, 1st of 2nd, 4th of 2nd , 4th of 3rd.

Who lights a firecracker in front of her?
2nd of 1st, 2nd of 2nd.

What is the young piano players name?
1st & 8th.

What was the Professors alma mater?
3rd of 2nd, 5th of 2nd.

What was the Professor’s ‘real’ first name?
1st & 3rd.

What is the librarian’s brother’s name?
2nd,3rd & 8th.

The Ladies Auxiliary Committee is creating a Tableau to what?
4th of 1st, 7th of 1st, 3rd of 2nd.

What ‘Technique’ does Mrs. Paroo use that she believes ‘really works’?
5th of 1st, 1st of 2nd, 4th of 2nd.

Who was the Author?
4th of 1st, 1st of 3rd, 5th of 3rd, 5th of 4th.

Unscramble the letters to find the starting point.

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ & _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _, _ _ _ _ _ _

( there is a space between the 5th & 6th letter of the first, & between the 8th & 9th letter of the 2nd, comma stands)

Go left, bear right, and bear right again on narrower path.
Concrete marker on right.
Add the ‘mystery’ number to the number of cannons in the battery, the number of cornets and the number of letters in the writers name minus 2.
At this place will be an old oak on the left about 14 paces in.
The Artiste is under some leaves and sticks on the right.

Please re-hide carefully.

Dogs welcome, please leave only footprints behind.

limited parking