What Am I ??  LbNA # 19183

Placed DateNov 7 2005
Location???, MY
Planted ByDixieKin    
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What Am I ??

This is FUN!!

this box is a bit different...

it is sorta like a personal traveler...in that it is not out in the wild for you to locate...but you do not have to meet up with me to get the image and log in if you are far away.

I call it a Mystery because you must find the riddle associated with the box, then solve that riddle. Look within the pages and links of my blog.

get it right and earn the What Am I image. I will send you the stamp image, snail mail or digital, (unless you are close to me) then you send me your sig stamp image if you are so inclined.

I have another box of this type...check it out too!!