The Count  LbNA # 19167 (ARCHIVED)

OwnerDer Mad Stamper      
Placed DateOct 1 2005
LocationMenomonee Falls, WI
Found By HabitatPrincess
Last Found Jun 0 2008
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Created by: Der Mad Stamper
Planted by: Wisconsin Hiker


Located in the county park west of the city. The park is located east of Townline Road, north of Good Hope Road and south of County Line Road.

There is a fee to enter the park. In 2005 the rates are $5/car on summer weekends and $2.50/car on summer weekdays and any day in the off-season (SEP thru mid-May). If you are a local resident you may wish to purchase an annual pass.

Der Mad Stamper writes:

“Ever since I was a young boy, I've loved to stay up late and watch scary movies on television. I remember one show on a local station that featured a creepy old guy named Uncle Frank who played all the old black and white horror classics: Frankenstein, The Mummy, The Creature from the Black Lagoon. I loved that show.

“Another favorite show that I remember from my childhood had lots of monsters on it. But my favorite was a certain dashing and debonair Count with an old-world accent, very sharp teeth, and an unquenchable desire for... well, you know. I'm sure you remember him well. Do you remember where he lived? I do, and I can even tell you how to get there because I followed him once...

“The Count made his way to Parking Area 1 as the sky began to brighten with early signs of dawn. He had to hurry back to his coffin before the sunrise. He headed north to the quarry and began traveling in a clockwise direction around the water. He came to an interesting metal device, a relic of the old quarry operations. From here he looked up the small hill to the west and saw the walls of his castle. He hastened to the doorway, then entered and crossed over an obstacle. He went forward on the path a short distance until he saw his log coffin ahead. He quickly slipped in just as the sun rose on the horizon. Use caution if you disturb him…. ”