Anniversary  LbNA # 19002

Placed DateOct 29 2005
LocationKalamazoo, MI
Planted ByOdenate    
Found By 5littlesisters
Last Found May 3 2014
Hike Distance?

This Urban Letterbox will take through many of the local Landmarks that my wife and I have grown to love in the Vine Neighborhood before or during our first year of marriage.

Park on the street near our favorite pizza place “Martinis,” which you can reach by turning west off of Westnedge onto Village. Head North through the lot to Vine Street. Looking North you will probably be able to figure out our shared profession. Take a left on Vine and you have now entered our Sunday "walk the dog and get the paper" route. Parker (Our dog) loves to look for stray bagels.

Cross Vine Street at the Oak and continue heading west on Vine. One block, and its time to stop for a Drink. After you chose to partake or not, continue up Vine and notice some of the local artistry on the sidewalk. When you have reached the end of the Vine turn towards the practice field. Just before the field you will notice a long staircase that goes towards the west up to the east. If you count the stairs you will be able to find out how many years we would like to be married. Follow the walkway to the north the number of steps up to the east and you will notice 6 pillars not necessarily of marriage. At the pillars look east to the greatest view of the city. If that doesn’t get you in the mood for romance I don’t know what would. At the pillars walk twice the amount of steps to find another staircase. Go down about 30 steps and look to the left where you will see the two trees that have become one. At the base you will find our box.