Memories  LbNA # 18962 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateOct 28 2005
LocationBurleson, TX
Planted ByDelivery Girl    
Found By doxie doos
Last Found Nov 13 2005
Hike Distance?
Last EditedDec 16 2015


To find Chisenhall Park, turn Left just before Walmart. Go thru the stop sign and turn right into the park enterance. Go past the paved parking lot and come to the turn around by the trail head. Park there.

~Starting at the park sign, walk forward and take the trail over the cement bridge.
~On the upwards slope of the cement bridge, take the trail to your left. If you go into the open feild you have gone to far.
~Walk down the trail and watch for the "y".
~Take the high "y" to the right.
~Very shortly, look for the long fallen log on the right.
~The box is hidden under leaves in between the fallen log and the 2 trunked tree.
~Please recover well.