La Llorona  LbNA # 18912

Placed DateOct 22 2005
LocationCypress, TX
Planted Bymother of five    
Found By NLW
Last Found Nov 11 2010
Hike Distance?

This box can be found in Telge park in Cypress. To reach the park from HW290 exit Telge road and go north. The entrance to the park is about 1/4 mile past the intersection of 290 and Telge, just over the bridge on the right hand side.

Background: La Llorona is a ghost clamied by many towns in Texas, as well as Mexico and Central and South America. No matter where she lives, her story is the same. She was a poor widow with 2 small boys, and had attracted the affections of the richest man in town. However, when he found she had children he lost intrest in marriage. Out of desperation to win back his love, she led her two boys to the river and drowned them. When she went back to tell her lover that the children would no longer be a problem, he was disgusted by her actions and sent her away. Horrified by the realization of what she had done to her children, she drowned herself. Her spirit is said to roam up and down the banks of the river at night, crying out in agony, and searching for her children.

CLUES: La Llorona has taken up residence here in order to continue her search for her lost boys. Listen closley, and you can follow her cries to her new home. Pass through the playground, and cross the small wooden bridge into the woods. Listen closley, the cries are coming from the path to the left. Follow her over the small rise, and when you get to the bottom, stop and listen again. Do you hear her? I think the cries are coming from that trail on the right. Follow it a long way down, all the way until it bends to the left. Now stop and listen again, you are getting close to the river, and she is sure to be around here somewhere. Follow the small trail to the right, the one that goes over the hill. Continue on this path until you arrive at the "T" intersection, then go to the right arriving at a sandy clearing overlooking the river. Listen again, you are close now. Can you hear her? Facing the river choose the trail to your left, and follow it for 22 steps, arriving at a large fallen tree just off the trail on the opposite side as the river. La Llorona hides here during the day, in a box wedged on the left side of the tree (with the river at your back) hidden by sticks and pine needles. Please re cover her well, so that she may continue her search for her children and please let me know if she has found them yet.