He's Watching--RETIRED 9/6/06  LbNA # 18834 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateOct 19 2005
LocationLeesburg, VA
Planted ByKoyote    
Found By undrpaid
Last Found Aug 13 2006
Hike Distance?

This is one of six boxes in the "You don't know Jack" series. The series remembers the notorious "Jack the Ripper" and the Whitechapel murders of the late 1880's. The identity of"The Ripper" has never been proven.
Planted and carved by "Koyote" of "The End Gang".

Great park for kids! Wonderful picnic areas!

DIRECTIONS: Rt 15 north towards Luketts. Left onto Battlefield Pkwy to James Monroe Highway (Rt 15 business). Take left onto James Monroe Highway. Entrance to Ida Lee Park will be on your right. Proceed to parking lot in front of Ida Lee Park Tennis Center and park there.

Looking at the tennis center turn to your right and locate the trash enclosure. A small sign close to the ground next to it will indicate the start and finish of the green and blue walking trails. Go to this sign. Look ahead of the sign and locate the trail marker with the green and blue arrows. Follow the arrows, walking along a tree line on your right. Proceed to the end of the tree line and stop. Ahead of you and off to the right, slightly, will be a pretty little knoll with trees and a couple of picnic tables. Immediately to your right, you should be able to locate another trail marker indicating the trail heading back along the other side of the tree line. Go past this marker, ignoring the arrows, to the next path on the right. The knoll will be to your left. Take the path on the right, following it out into the field. It will begin to climb slightly as you approach a rise with some trees. Watch for a trail marker on your left. From that trail marker count 23 steps up the path going up the rise. You should end with a tree to your right. Alog is at it's base. Your treasure lies within. Are you being watched? If you cross over a flat rock surface, you have gone to far.

Be mindful of others walking the trails. Rehide the box as you found it. The log is perfect for hiding a box! Stamp in and enjoy the park. Safe trails.