A Rush and A Push and The Land That We Stand On Is  LbNA # 18831 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateOct 22 2005
CountyBritish Columbia, CAN
LocationNorth Vancouver, BRC
Planted ByThe Kiff    
Found By CSB bc
Last Found Nov 5 2005
Hike Distance?

This container is placed near the beginning of a service road that
goes up to Grouse Mountain. The start of the hunt is at the yellow
gate at the top of Mountain Highway in North Vancouver. However,
you will have to obey the parking restrictions and park a few
blocks down the road. The neighbourhood residents will have your
car towed if you park illegally. From the gate, the walk is quite

1) From the yellow gate, take 15 paces up the old road until you
see a large cigarette on your right.

2) Walk forward until you pass 3 more cigarettes on your right

3) Now look around until you see something that reminds you of a
large bumblebee.

4) Walk along until you pass 1 more bumblebee-like objects on your
right side.

5) If you are heading in the right direction, you will only need to
walk a little ways further until you catch a glimpse of John.

6) Once you see John, look around you until you find 2 large

7) Find the spot where the ladder on the right is 276 degrees
magnetic and the ladder on the left is 251 degrees magnetic from
where you are standing.

8) From this spot, project a line that is 8 degrees magnetic.

9) Follow this line until you reach a trail.

10) Walk along this trail a very short distance and you will see a
large, natural object on your right. To help you, I have placed a
piece of red flagging tape with black dots on it near the base of
this object and is easily visible from the trail.

11) Proceed into the bushes, towards the object, for about 6-7 feet.

12) The container is on the ground behind a large rock and is
covered with sticks.