WAZZU Find ( temp not available)  LbNA # 18784 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateOct 20 2005
LocationPullman, WA
Planted ByFoursquare woman    
Found By American Boxer
Last Found Jul 22 2009
Hike Distance?

Driving into Pullman (Hwy 270)from Colfax on Hwy 195, stop at the first stop light(Cougar Depot Visiting Center on left)--Turn left onto Grand Ave & head north--See the Northern Pacific Pullman cars?--Keep going--On your right is the Daily Grind(swing in for a shot or two)-Continue to the 4 way traffic light & turn right on Stadium Way-Pass the Golden Arches--Continue uphill past the split rail corner piece--Go past Beasley Coliseum & Mooberry Track--Keep going--Look for a Blue Heart--See a bronze Donkey on your left--Continue until you reach the hwy that intersects(WSU Stone Wall on left)--Turn left and into Re-Max parking lot--Walk across the street to the WSU Stone Wall--Walk south and pass evergreens looking down at you--Follow the black chain link on the outside of the grounds--See the black turn gray--Turn to face the evergreen(fight the branches)-find the treasure beneath it's skirt. Bingo,you won! There's a prize for the next finder(placed Feb 25,o7) A "university tour" route but watch for foot and car traffic--8am and 5pm not good times. Have Fun!