Untimely Demise  LbNA # 18758

Placed DateOct 18 2005
Location???, MA
Found By (hidden)
Hike Distance?

This last avian in this mystery series is for a determined soul who spent about four weeks making a nest in a dead tree in my back yard. Day after day she went about her work and we watched her progress making a nice little niche in a tree into a home. Eggs were laid and chicks were hatched…. Then one night a visitor raided the nest, which lead to the untimely demise of her brood. She has found a new home where the spirits will keep her and her young safe.

Stamp: Hand Carved


Find the resting spot of the tribe of Indians of which Mashantampaine was chief. When entering this sacred place you will notice a stump just to your right and a stone placed between a pine and an oak tree ahead farther in (when I was there it was adorned with shells, feathers and a teardrop shaped sculpture, perhaps to commemorate the resting spot of Mashantampaine himself?).

To find this bird spirit you must stand with the stump at 312 degrees and the stone cenotaph at 200 degrees. Behind you will be her new home, nested at the base of a multi-trunked Cedar.

Parking is limited on a road that is also a type of bird.

Please re-hide carefully.